Next week I graduate from film school with an MA in Screenwriting. Write a blog someone said. I’ve no idea what i’m doing at the moment but sure whose watching? Below this you’ll find some info about me.

My name is Joanne Dunphy and I’m an Irish pirate who happens to be a screenwriter. In February 2000 I moved to London from Dublin aged 21yrs. My intention was to get a job in the film industry because I had always wanted to be a writer / director, but I had now idea how I was going to do that. In Dublin I had studied Radio Broadcasting & Media production. After working for free on a short films, a producer mentioned to me how hard he was finding it to find a sound trainee for the BBC drama he was working on. So, I suggested myself. Radio couldn’t be too far away from production sound. I had an interview, got the job and then I was off. Or so I thought. It took a bit longer to be off on the conveyer-belt that is film production.

Between my first paid film / TV job for the BBC and my second, took nine months. In between I temped at an office. This gave me money and time to start chasing people for jobs. My second job was on a feature film and from then, I really was off. The sound recordist took me under his wing and we worked together for 12 years. By this time I had worked my way from Sound Trainee to Boom Operator. It was time to start thinking where was I going to go from here. Did I want to become a full time proper boom op? I know I didn’t want to be a sound recordist. Or was I going to bite the bullet and stop taking film jobs and focus on my writing?

I stopped taking film jobs and instead recommend friends. I got a job in another office and gave myself a year. Of course life doesn’t always go to plan. My contract with office ran out, the 2008 crash kicked in and I was properly unemployed. I had to go to sound for a couple of jobs but even they were few and far between. I ended up on the dole and nearly lost my home. Pretty shit time but actually, some good did come out of it. I had no excuse but to write. In three years I wrote a TV pilot, two short films and a feature. Work picked up and eventually I got another office job. This job would last five years in total. I rewrote my scripts but I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I tried to read screenwriting books but I got bored and have a short attention span. What next? Time to bite another bullet.

What was I going to do now? It had taken so long for me to write the shorts etc I knew I didn’t have it in me to direct as well. So, I applied for film school. I was a long shot but it felt great to be working to a deadline. They accepted my application, madness. In September 2017 I started an MA in screenwriting at The London Film School. It really was the most amazing year. So much to take in and it all happened so quickly.

All of a sudden, it’s 2019 and I’m about to head to Warwick to pick up that piece of paper that puts letters after my name, hilarious! Rock ON!

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